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Y.T.Ü Teknopark

Hall Features

Fitness & Cardio

Equipped with the most professional and professional equipments of your class, your cardio training can sweat in this convenient area and you can come over the stress of the day.

Group Lessons

In our work area, equipped with spacious, spacious and functional equipment, you can enrich your energy and have fun at the same time by participating in many different group lessons.

Functional Study Area

Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for your functional workouts, you can freely work in this area, and you can participate in trainers’ workshops.


Whether you are in a professional spining studio with energetic, dynamic and entertaining group lessons, you can work individually, or you can enter groups and burn high calories.

Wing Tsun

Our professional instructor can join our special group lesson organized and make your recently popular martial art into your lifestyle.

Instrumental Pilates

With the reformer pilates you will perform with our trainers, you will notice that flexibility and energy gain, body awareness and mental concentration are developing.

Nutrition & Dietitian

Our instructors are aimed to take your measurements in the analysis room, write personal programs and get results in a shorter period of time. With Simge Adıgüzel you can organize your daily feeding program.

Vitamin Bar

Before and after training, you can get various snacks from our cafe department, you can drink from various shakers prepared with HERBALİFE difference, you can sip a cup of coffee in our garden after training.

Sauna & Steam Room

In the sauna and steam room you can relax before / after your workout.


With FISPA, our expert therapist in the field can relax your body thanks to various therapies after sports, in the accompaniment of Friday Karabaş.


With our professional QMED vertical device you can enjoy the bronze skin in all seasons.

Hall Gallery